Malta under the British

Colonial Memories

Kingsway Valletta street scene in the politically-charged early 60s. Shortly after, Malta would be calling for integration with Britain.

The VIP tent where Dr. George Borg Olivier waved the declaration of independence at the Independence celebrations, 21st September 1964.

Australian servicemen catch up with the day's news from Berka and The Times of Malta in Valletta in 1952. Photo courtesy of Bay Retro.

Crowds gather and wreaths pile up at Piazza Regina at the news of Queen Victoria's death on 22nd January 1901.

Kingsgate in Valletta is decorated with a huge royal crest for the Queen's visit in 1954. Photo courtesy of Albert J Caruana and Bay Retro.

A shop in Prince of Wales Street in Sliema is Malta decorated for George VI's visit in 1943 to Ray Sultana. Photo courtesy of Bay Retro

NAAFI outlet at Castille.

Photo of the Royal Navy Canteen, Corradino. Note the steeple inspired by Indian architecture.